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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Legal Concepts of e-Commerce. Legal Risks.
Or why you may need to consider staying on the legal side

Module 2: Online and Offline Contracts

  • Online contracting – your website’s Terms and Conditions and other important agreements.
  • Offline contracting – do not forget to put in writing all contractual terms with your contractors, licensors.

Module 3: Domain Names Protection

  • How to protect it
  • Dispute resolution

Module 4: Unsolicited Commercial Messages or Simply SPAM
Find out more about the requirements regarding commercial messages

Module 5: Privacy and Data Protection

  • What is personal data
  • How to process it legally
  • How to write a Privacy Policy
  • Cookies
  • Transfer to 3rd countries
  • Right to be forgotten

Module 6: Your liability online

  • For: mere conduit, cache, host
  • Monitoring of user generated illegal content

Module 7: Consumer protection

  • Obligation to provide pre-contractual information
  • Right of Withdrawal
  • What if selling digital content

Module 8: Intellectual Property

  • Copyright
  • DataBase

Module 9: IP Protection. Agreements.

  • How to prevent IP infringement
  • How to fight IP infringement

Module 10: Software Licenses

  • Protection of Computer Programs (software)
  • Licensing agreements

Module 11: Open Source Software

  • Copyleft vs. Permissive open source software
  • Specific licenses explained

Module 12: E-commerce legal simulation module
All the theory in a practical e-commerce legal simulation

Bonus 1: Quick guide module
Summary of the course content

Bonus 2: Sample agreements set


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