A Brand New Website for the Lifestyle of Female Legal Professionals

Today a great new online place for female lawyers with the self-explanatory name Lady in Law has been launched. www.ladyinlaw.com embarks on the ambitious journey to reach to all smart, modern, ambitious and creative women with legal profession, who want to share and learn from each other.

A Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the page is Ani Kapralova – a dynamic and passionate legal professional herself with about 10-year broad practice in international corporations and law offices. Moreover, Ani is a good friend and a partner in crime and we are looking forward to a great collaboration between Lady in Law and eLaw Guide.

Ani was inspired to create Lady in Law by her vocation to connect people with the same interests and ambitions, and motivated by her personal story, she believes that women with legal profession all over the world are women with power to have it all – business success and personal happiness.

She promises to reveal the many faces of a Lady in Law – a face of a smart and strong professional, a face of the good looking woman with fashion style, a face of a caring mother and loving wife, a face of a funny friend and a party diva and so many more.

Every week Lady in Law will meet you with one successful Lady in Law from different parts of the world, who will share her personal story about professional experience, her strengths and flaws, her personal life, hobbies and passions and her advice for success and happiness.

Last but not least, you can also find attention-grabbing legal and lifestyle articles written by female legal experts and I feel honored to be one of the first contributors on Lady in Law with a post about the European Right to be Forgotten.